RBLA: Chamada para Publicação - Emotions in Language Learning and Teaching


RBLA: Chamada para Publicação - Emotions in Language Learning and Teaching

Being in the spotlight in current research trends, the “affective turn” (Pavlenko, 2013) seems to have caught in, as teacher and learner emotions have become the subject of latest books and journals (Chinese Journal Of Applied Linguistics, 2018; Martinez Agudo, 2018; Gkonou, Dewaele, King, 2020). Due to the recent increase in studies on emotions in Applied Linguistics and, especially now, in pandemic times, we consider opening a space in a journal to discuss and understand emotions in language teaching and learning quite important. That is why this special issue of RBLA aims at publishing studies investigating the roles that emotions play in language teaching and learning in different contexts (around the world). We expect empirical studies on topics such as: emotions experienced by language teachers and learners, including comparison between their emotions; the relationships between emotions and other concepts (such as beliefs, motivation and identities, to name but a few); innovations in methodological approaches to investigating teacher and learner emotions in language teaching and learning, as well as other topics related to emotions, also, during pandemic times. 

This special issue accepts articles in English only. 
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Deadline for submission: May 31st, 2021
Expected publication: June-July 2022

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